Jesus Is Exclusive!

InterFaith-256pxI shared with our church gathering last night an NPR story from December 13, 2015 which covered a “Tri-Faith Initiative” in Omaha, NE. Gathered in the room were a professing Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Rabbi. Among the inane statements I heard, one in particular from the “Christian,” a minister for a United Church of Christ, caught my ear:

Well, you’d think in light of today’s climate that the range of opinion – the opposition came from people who were afraid to associate with Muslims. But actually, most of the people who were opposed were simply opposed because we have a beautiful building, been there for 65 years, and people didn’t want to pick up stakes and moves. There’s really no good reason at all for Countryside to do this other than the beauty of the vision of the Tri-Faith Initiative, which really matched our values and our ethos as a church – that Christian love of Jesus – or of God rather – includes walking fully in the path of Jesus without denying the legitimacy of other paths that God may create for humanity.


This man leads a large congregation of profession Christians, and he’s not even a Christian himself! He does not even minutely know Christ or His teachings. I’m sure he holds a caricature of the Lord in his mind, but whatever or whoever he worships does not resemble the crucified Son of God of the Bible.

As anti-PC as this world may deem Him, Jesus gave no wiggle room to come to God apart from Him. Jesus said to Thomas on one occasion, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (Jn. 14.6). The apostles responded to their persecutors in Acts 4.12: “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

exclusive_640Can a Muslim really know the Father, God? A Muslim claims Allah to be the One True God, and Jesus Christ, at best, to be a great prophet–certainly not the Son of God. They claim you must find God by following the teachings of the True Prophet Muhammad. Can a follower of the Hebrew religion know the Father, God? A follower of the Law of Moses rejects Christ as the Messiah and Savior of the world. Yet Jesus stated in Matt. 11.27, “no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.” Who shall we believe? “Whoever is not with me is against me,” said Jesus in Matt. 12.30.

Those who profess to know and follow Christ and yet attempt to welcome the Muslim faith and Hebrew faith as “legitimate paths” God created for humanity throw out most of the Bible. They create their own religion and rewrite Scripture to suit themselves! They are idolaters bowing at the feet of some fabricated fiction of their own minds. May God judge those who corrupt scripture and spread such nonsense.

They believe their agenda is admirable because they are bringing everyone together, but true unity cannot be found on human terms. We will only find peace, harmony, and unity when we all bow before Jesus Christ, Lord of all. That’s not PC. But that’s Bible truth.

With love for our enemies, we simply preach the truth and let the word of God have its way among men. Hold fast to Jesus Christ, brothers and sisters!

4 thoughts on “Jesus Is Exclusive!”

  1. I was interested in your comments, based on the thumbnail from a Google search. (face palm) Just more inarticulate fundamentalist fear-mongering.

    1. Okay…I’ll bite. Exactly why do you see this as “inarticulate fundamentalist fear-mongering”? What you’ve done is thrown out a totally meaningless statement with no direction or helpful information. I have no idea what you mean or what exactly you’re taking issue with. If you’d care to clarify, perhaps we could have a discussion about it.

  2. While your request sounds logical and even laudatory, your comments originate from an exclusive, “we are the only ones who can possible know God.” (“We will only find peace, harmony, and unity when we all bow before Jesus Christ, Lord of all. That’s not PC. But that’s Bible truth.”) This sentence alone could be found, with minor changes, in every fundamentalist proclamation, Christian, Islam, Jewish, Hindu, etc. You are fundamentally (no pun intended) unable to comprehend that your local understanding of God, Jesus, and the Christian Bible can nor will it ever be authoritative beyond yourself. I might add also that your interpretation is also profoundly, even within Christian parameters, archaic and false.
    If you want authority, look to Galatians, chapter 3 and 5. Paul had absolutely no problem with Jews practicing their faith, never condemning them as false. He did clearly say that Christians were not obligated to follow any Jewish practices.

    1. So if you could speak for Jesus right now, how do you think He would address the Muslim and the Jew? What do you think would be the flavor of His words?

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