Appointing New Leaders

Your Vote CountsIt’s election time. Again.

Not only is it election time, but all the chattering voices on TV and radio insist this is the most crucial moment and most defining election of the history of the United States! Again.

First, let’s remind ourselves of the following:

  1. The government will not and cannot save us
  2. The government will not and cannot provide for us
  3. God will either bless or curse our country as we heed or disregard Him

That being said, how shall we cast our votes? Or should we?

Some claim it is a God-given responsibility for Christians to vote for the right person. But what if there is no right person?

Is it best to vote for the “lesser of two evils”? Is it too much to expect high moral character from our highest officials?

I’ve been thinking much about appointing elders lately, and I’m wondering, “What if we applied God’s qualifications for elders in preparation for electing high officials of state and country?” The apostle Paul gave the following qualifications to Titus (1.5-9) and Timothy (1 Tim. 3.1-5). As you scan down the list, picture your favorite presidential candidate (Sanders, Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, or another) and ponder his or her character.

  • sober
  • self-controlled
  • Check the Boxrespectable
  • not addicted to wine
  • not a bully
  • gentle / kind / tolerant
  • peaceable / not quarrelsome
  • not loving money
  • ruling his own house well
  • not self-willed
  • not quick-tempered
  • not greedy for dishonest gain
  • loving what is good

I intentionally removed several character traits which apply more to spiritual shepherds, but these seem to be appropriate to ponder for POTUS (or the new member of the SCOTUS). How wonderful and beautiful it would be to have a man like this in the lead!

Do you think any of the candidates generally fits the above list? Several violate most of the items on the list!

God bless you as you (if you) go to the polls.

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